Hair transplant repair

Going overseas for your hair transplant is becoming a popular option for many patients from the UK looking to treat their hair loss. It is often a cheaper option and with package deals and ‘guaranteed’ results it can be a tempting proposition. However, the reality is that many of these clinics are operating on the black market and many patients are being very cruelly taken advantage of.  

Black market clinics operate on multiple patients a day and use unqualified technicians to perform the surgery. It is dangerous and it is unethical. 

When patients have hair restoration surgery performed by non-doctors, they are at risk of a whole host of potential problems. We are seeing more and more patients asking for our help after a cheap hair transplant surgery abroad. Some of the most common problems we encounter are:

  • Inappropriate hair line design (too flat/too low/unnatural) 
  • Over-harvesting of the donor area 
  • Poor density secondary to poor surgical planning 

The D’Souza Clinic is vehemently opposed to the hair transplant black market and the use of technicians to perform hair transplant surgery.

Mr D’Souza is a full member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), a non-profit medical association that is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of medical practice, ethics and research. 

We take our commitment to achieving excellence in the treatment of hair loss seriously. That’s why each and every consultation, treatment and follow up is carried out personally by Mr D’Souza. 

How to spot a black-market clinic

  • They have a huge internet marketing presence to attract patients
  • They operate on anyone and have no distinction for good or bad candidates
  • Technicians, not Doctors, perform the surgery and anaesthesia
  • The clinic may have no doctor, or a single doctor to oversee multiple surgeries per day with no time for attention to detail or expertise
  • They guarantee a large number or ‘unlimited’ amount of grafts for a cheap price

Our approach at The D’Souza Clinic

  • We run targeted campaigns to attract suitable patients and we don’t employ sales people or ‘advisors’
  • Mr D’Souza consults personally with each patient before recommending a bespoke treatment plan
  • Mr D’Souza performs the surgery on each patient, supported by experienced technicians
  • We limit surgery to one patient per day, so the entire clinic is dedicated to giving you the best possible care and treatment
  • We are focussed on long-term planning and donor management as opposed to achieving the most amount of grafts in one sitting
  • We always aim to achieve the best aesthetic results with the minimum number of grafts

If you’ve had a hair transplant problem its highly likely we’ll be able to fix it. Get in touch for a consultation with Mr D’Souza.

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Mr D’Souza personally leads each new patient call and consultation.
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