Fixing Jack’s Hair: A patients view on the problems with cheap surgery abroad

Jack came to us to repair a transplant he had in Turkey. He left us this Google review which was very kind and totally unprompted.

After scouring the internet for days on end in order to find the right surgeon, countless phone consults, emails and 10 face to face consultations, I decided to go and check the ISHRS official website to find a registered surgeon that I comfortable with.

2- 3 follicle grafts were used on the hairline which gave a ‘clumpy’ look

I stumbled upon Chris D’Souza and boy was I lucky. For the first time I was actually going to meet face to face with the doctor in the surgery where it would take place.

Their website isn’t gimmicky with doctored before and after photos, it’s very subtle but stood out from the other sites who have discounts on grafts and glossy images. I couldn’t find much in terms of social media and online forums, so I was a bit concerned, but I booked a consultation.

From the first consultation I knew this was where I wanted to go, he showed me real results from his work and explained the reason as to why he didn’t use false images in his sites (the results were real, honest and great by the way).

He was also kind enough to see me for a second consultation due to my nerves and previous experience just to finalise any worries I may have and to make sure I felt comfortable

Surgery day was a huge contrast to Turkey.  Chris and his team were amazing and it flew by. The team had a great relationship and really knew how to ensure I felt comfortable with good mix of chat and silence when needed.

They used microscopes to ensure 1, 2 and 3 grafts were used in the right zones (singles in the hairline). which they showed me the grafts and how they were dissected and counted and placed accordingly.

I can tell already the graft placement and density looks so much better, it blends with my natural hair. Packed very tightly and with a nice natural looking staggered hairline.

I would 100%recommend The D’Souza Clinic and would be happy to show the results from Turkey and repair job from Chris, and talk to you if you wanted to see or hear more about my results and experience of having 2 procedures, 1 home and 1 abroad.

Choose this clinic you will be in very safe hands!

Christopher’s comments

Jack had been suffering with slow progressive hair loss for over 10 years.

He had an FUE transplant with a clinic in Turkey a year previously, and was happy with the shape of the hairline, but unhappy with the density achieved and the pluggy look.

Unfortunately they had used 2 and 3 hair follicles along the hair line. This gives an artificial appearance, like dolls hair, as these grafts are too big to use along the hairline. Multiple haired grafts are better used elsewhere to build up density, and 1 hair grafts should be used along the hairline.

How was the surgery?

We use the WAW system for all of our FUE cases. A 0.9mm serrated trumpet punch was used to obtain 1199 in total. 417 1-hair grafts to camouflage the 2 and 3 haired follicles in the hair line, softened the overall appearance and gave a more natural look. The rest of the grafts were used to increase the density behind the hair line and in the temples.

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Hair Transplant Surgeon & Medical Director

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