Coronavirus: Guidance for patients and visitors

Updated: 5th January 2021

The D’Souza Clinic is currently welcoming patients and is committed to providing the very best care. As a Covid-Safe facility we take our responsibility to protect your health seriously. With this in mind, we have instituted the following measures:

  1. To protect the clinic, it’s staff and patients we are operating a strict appointment only policy.
  2. To minimise the need to travel we are running initial new patient consultations as secure video calls, once the need for treatment is established, we can arrange for you to visit the clinic in person.
  3. We recommend all patients travelling to and from the clinic to plan travel in advance, and where possible we advise either driving or the use of ‘covid-safe’ taxis. There is plenty of parking along Harley Street for those choosing to drive, otherwise we recommend using Addison Lee, our preferred taxi company; we have chosen to work with them due to their rigorous standards of cleanliness and COVID 19 Policy – see website for more details.
  4. Surgeries in our treatment room are always limited to one patient per day, and entry is restricted to your surgeon and clinical staff only.
  5. You will be offered virucidal hand wash when you arrive at the clinic reception.
  6. We will be screening patients and staff attending the clinic. Anyone with a high temperature equal or above 37.5ºC or new continuous cough will not be admitted to the clinic and advised to return home and self-isolate as per current U.K. Government guidance.
  7. We will endeavour to limit numbers of contact between staff and patients. We ask that patients attend alone unless a companion is absolutely necessary.
  8. We will regularly clean door handles and shared surfaces with a powerful virucidal during the day, between consultations and after the clinic closes.

If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic.

For further guidance on what to do during this outbreak please visit the UK government website

In the interest of patients undergoing hair transplant and other hair restorative procedures, the ISHRS has issued the following recommendations to help protect patients from getting infected with COVID-19 and inform patients of possible modifications that should be expected in their physicians/surgeons’ practices.

Where applicable, local governmental instructions regarding the carrying out of hair transplant practice may supersede the recommendations in this document.

(1) Know Your Health Status
Keep informed about signs of infection, how to avoid infection, what to do if you feel you have become infected, and how to protect others.

(2) Follow Personal Protection Guidelines
You should strictly follow all governmental guidelines for stay at home, social distancing, hand sanitizing, and use of masks/facial coverings.

(3) Look For A Clinic That Is A “COVID-Protected Facility”

A COVID-Protected Facility

  • Routinely asks patients for a relevant COVID-19 history of their own health and their contacts. It is important that patients provide accurate information.
  • Follows social distancing guidelines by limiting contact of patients with one another whether in consultation or in a procedure and will arrange waiting room seating accordingly.
  • Uses suitable equipment/PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or another equivalent governmental agency.
  • Routinely uses relevant health histories and daily temperature monitoring of all clinic staff and patients as part of their strategy to prevent contagion. Additionally, and where available, follows all government guidelines on use of testing to monitor staff.
  • In addition to using proper PPE, it uses appropriate cleansing, disinfecting and sterilization procedures throughout the office/clinic. Also, uses proper waste disposal methods for any materials that could be contaminated.
  • Advises patients of hand washing protocols in the office/clinic and how to change gloves, gown and masks.
  • Assures the public that the staff have received additional training with regards to proper COVID-19 infection control methods.
  • And perhaps most importantly, the surgeon you have chosen is the one performing the surgical steps of your procedure, rather than delegating it to unlicensed technicians.

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