Introducing Mr Christopher D’Souza, Hair Transplant Surgeon & Medical Director.

Our Medical Director and Hair Transplant Surgeon talks about his experiences as a Surgeon and how they led him to found The D’Souza Clinic.

Mr Christopher D'Souza - Hair Transplant Surgeon

I was born and educated in the UK. From an early age I always wanted to study medicine, but I also had a strong interest in the arts.

I attended St John’s School, Leatherhead on a music scholarship and went on to graduate from Bart’s and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2006 with a degree in medicine. 

I have been operating as a surgeon for over a decade, spending two years as a Burns & Trauma Surgeon in South Africa, before moving back to London to specialise in Hair Transplant Surgery.

In that time I’ve overseen thousands of procedures in various clinics, and represented our speciality in my tenure on the Executive Committee of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS).

One of the motivations for setting up The D’Souza Clinic was that I always felt that patients face a difficult time when finding treatment.

Every patient is under immense pressure to choose wisely, as the treatment may involve non-reversible surgery and the outcome will either affect their future well-being in an extremely positive or negative way.

This decision is made more difficult by the fact that our industry is largely unregulated, and whilst there are some excellent surgeons out there, my experience has taught me that clinics are also commercial enterprises and do not always involve surgeons in the way that maximises the best surgical outcomes for patients.

Unfortunately it is the norm for a lot of clinics to base their offering around a single surgical technique (usually FUE), which restricts treatment options. Any clinic that does this will be naturally geared up to sell that single treatment, rather than the treatment that is right for the patient.

Furthermore many clinics only involve surgeons on the day of surgery, with salespeople and ‘consultants’ meeting patients and recommending treatment plans.

In my experience as hair transplant surgeon at other clinics I often didn’t see patients until the day of surgery and was being told by a non-medic the number of grafts and surgical plan to carry out.

The idea that someone with no medical qualifications can diagnose the cause of your hair loss and propose a surgical plan is ridiculous. 

I find this disrespectful for patients, who are paying thousands of pounds and trusting their chosen clinic to give them the best medical options and the best medical care.

I know from experience it’s frustrating for surgeons, who are denied the opportunity to give the patient the best possible results, which happens when a qualified surgeon is involved in the diagnosis, treatment and post-operative care, and is able to recommend the most appropriate treatment for their patient.

Like every good surgeon, I want my patients to have the best possible outcome post operatively, and to do this I need complete control over every aspect of the treatment process, including the consultation, the equipment, the hair transplant surgical assistants and the environment I work in.

I believe the best Hair Transplant Surgery Clinics in the UK are surgeon led, because they involve your surgeon at every stage.

That’s the underlying philosophy that inspired me to set up The D’Souza Clinic.

In my experience I know exactly how a clinic should operate

  • Surgeon led from diagnosis to post-operative care
  • Entire practice dedicated to hair restoration
  • Expertise in all aspects of treating hair loss
  • Keeping up to date with the latest technology and techniques to obtain best possible outcomes

If you would like to discuss anything hair loss related, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or arrange a consultation. You can contact the clinic on 0207 770 6538 or

Talk to your Surgeon about your hair loss

Call us +44 (0) 207 770 6538

Mr D’Souza personally leads each new patient call and consultation.
What’s involved at a consultation?.

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