I cannot thank them enough

Two years ago I visited Christopher D’Souza to have my first hair transplant to the crown of my head, as over the years it had been getting thinner and despite using minoxidil, I found minoxidil did help but only slowed male pattern baldness down, but didn’t stop it.

I decided to have a hair transplant, on the day of the surgery I was met by Chris and his team and he explained what was going to happen, then I went for a hair wash before surgery, all through the surgery he and his team were amazing and I could not had a better team.

As a result I have also decided to return and have my hairline done this time, as now two years on the crown of my head is covered in my own fully growing hair, thanks to the excellent work of Christopher D’Souza and his team.

I cannot thank them enough.

Dean Humphreys