Unique Diagnoses Dedicated to You

At the D’Souza hair loss clinic, we believe in getting to know you and not just to examine you.

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No salesmen, no stress

We are Hair Restoration experts, we’re not salespeople.

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Transparency of cost

We want you to be well aware of the costs, and potential costs, of your hair restoration.

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We Practice Only Best Practice

Your hair loss is a real concern to you, we understand that perfectly and we are here to help.

We treat each client as an individual, one who deserves our close personal attention to their particular hair loss situation.

That’s why Mr D’Souza personally performs surgery on each client and carries out only one surgery per day. This is not a production line hair loss clinic, but one where every client gets 100% of Mr D’Souza’s experience and expertise at all times.

We do not have technicians to do the surgery, only to professionally assist Mr D’Souza in his work. We have no automated, robotic, hair transplant systems only the human touch.